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Archaeology and Art by Angela Micol

Life is fluid, ever changing…

Archaeology and Art by Angela Micol is a collection of original artwork and prints by the noted satellite archaeology researcher.  With over 20 years of research featured on various media including the History Channel, Science Channel, and Discovery Channel, her artwork encompasses sites that are being investigated as potential new archaeological sites. 


The artwork is fluid and is created with epoxy resin, mica powders, glitter, glass, stones, crystals and a variety of natural materials.  Each original piece is one of a kind and signed by the artist.  

Angela Micol The Lost Road Series Fluid Animation

All matter is in a state of constant movement.  We are hurling through the galaxy in a state of constant flux. 

Fluid art is a way to control the flux or release it.  A combination of control and release is what I'm striving for with my artwork.


Achaeology and Fantasy Art

Why is the pyramid shape so intriguing to the eye? Why did the ancients build such vast wonders of stone and engineering? What purpose did pyramids serve? Just tombs or something more? The 2 times I've visited the Great Pyramids at Giza I experienced some of the strangest feelings in my life. Like they are out of time and place, almost as if they were anomalies. Walking up the grand gallery I noticed the regular spaced niches in the floor on either side. It was obvious machinery was used in the construction the likes of which we have never seen engineered by ancient people.

This image is a pyramid lamp I really enjoyed making. Includes lights, copper Tesla coil, large quartz crystal and Himalayan crystals for my Jules Verne inspired resin lamp.

Fluid Art Animations

Fluid Art Animations

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Maiden, NC

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